It's not through knowledge but through experience that we're brought into relationship with Bach

"the fundamental mystery of things -- that self-unfolding of the idea in which it creates its own opposite in order to overcome it, creates another, which again it overcomes, and so on and on until it finally returns to itself, having meanwhile traversed the whole of existence"

Albert Schweitzer

The Six Bach Solo Cello Suites are considered to be among the most profound of all classical music works. 

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Concert Information:

Many people are familiar with the Six Bach Suites - especially the first three. The Sixth Suite is less well know  - listening  prior to the performance is highly suggested.

YoYo Ma performing Bach Sixth Suite live:

Please contact us for individually tailored details to plan a concert of the Bach First Suite in G major , Bach Sixth Suite in D major or both together  - performed by Sarah Fiene.

A performance of Bach's Cello Suites will work in a wide variety of spaces and for diverse events.